Books and Activities

Books and Activities

Books About Butterflies and Moths

Field Guides and General Reference Books

  • Elhert, Lois. 2001. Waiting for Wings Harcourt Children's Books. ISBN: 0152026088
  • Klass, C. and R. Dirig. 1992. Learning About Butterflies. A Cornell Cooperative Extension Publication. Ithaca, N.Y.
  • Legg, Gerald, Carolyn Scrace (Illustrator), and David Salariya. 1998 (April, 1998). From Caterpillar to Butterfly (Lifecycles). Franklin Watts. ISBN: 0531144933
  • Mitchell, Robert T. and Herbert S. Zim. 1987. Butterflies and Moths: A Guide to More Common American Species (Revised Edition). (Golden Guides). Golden Press, New York. Paperback, 160 pages. ISBN: 0307240525
  • Norsgaard, E. Jaediker and John F McGee (Illustrator). 1996. Butterflies for Kids (Wildlife for Kids Series). Northword Press, Inc. Minocqua, Wisconsin.. Paperback, 48 pages. ISBN: 1559715464
  • Opler, Paul A., illustrated by Amy Bartlett Wright. 1994. Peterson First Guide to Butterflies and Moths. Houghton-Mifflin Co., Boston. Paperback, 128 pages. ISBN 0-395-67072-1. (Phone 800-225-3362
  • Paul. 1990. Familiar Butterflies North America (Audubon Society Pocket Guide). Paperback, 191 pages. Published by Knopf. ISBN: 067972981X
  • Putnam, Patti and Milt Putnam. 1997. North America's Favorite Butterflies : A Pictorial Guide. Willow Creek Press. Paperback, 128 pages. ISBN: 1572231092
  • Pyle, Robert Michael. 1981. National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Butterflies. Flexi Edition. Hardcover, 916 pages. Published by Knopf. ISBN: 0394519140
  • Pyle, R.M., illustrated by Sarah Hughes. 1983. A Field Guide to Butterflies Coloring Book. Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston. ISBN 0-395-34675-4
  • Pyle, Robert Michael, Sarah Anne Hughes (Illustrator). 1992. Handbook for Butterfly Watchers. Reprint Edition. Paperback, 280 pages. Houghton Mifflin Co (Pap). ISBN: 0395616298
  • Wright, Amy Bartlett. 1993. Peterson First Guide to Caterpillars. Houghton Mifflin Co. 128, Boston. Paperback, pages. ISBN: 0395564999. (Phone 800-225-3362)

Butterfly Gardening and Attracting Butterflies

  • Elhert, Lois. 2001. Waiting for Wings. Harcourt Children's Books. ISBN: 0152026088
  • Ellis, Barbara. 1997. Attracting Birds & Butterflies: How to Plan and Plant Backyard Habitat (Taylor's Weekend Gardening Guides, 3).
    Paperback. Houghton Mifflin Co (Pap). ISBN: 0395813727
  • Emmel, Thomas C. 1997 (November, 1997). Butterfly Gardening: How to Start Your Own Butterfly Garden and Identify Your Butterfly Visitors. Friedman/Fairfax Pub. Hardcover, 112 pages. ISBN: 156799525X
  • Hamilton, Kersten. 1997. The Butterfly Book : Kids Guide to Attracting, Raising, and Keeping Butterflies. John Muir Publications, Santa Fe, N.M. 40 pages. ISBN: 156261309X. (John Muir Publications, P.O. Box 613, Santa Fe, NM 87504, (505) 982-4078, 800-888-7504)
  • Mikula, Rick and Claudia Mikula. 1997. Garden Butterflies of North America : A Gallery of Garden Butterflies & How to Attract Them.
    Willow Creek Press. Hardcover, 160 pages. ISBN: 157223086X
  • Schneck, Marcus. 1994. Creating a Butterfly Garden : A Guide to Attracting and Identifying Butterfly Visitors. Paperback, 80 pages.
    Published by Fireside (Simon & Schuster EDITIONS). . ISBN: 0671892460
  • Xerces Society, Smithsonian Institution. 1990. Butterfly Gardening : Creating Summer Magic in Your Garden. Paperback, 192 pages. Sierra Club Books. ISBN: 087156615X

Activities with Butterflies (and Teacher Resources)

  • Beaty, Seddon Kelly and Irene Fountas. 1993. Butterflies Abound! A Whole Language Resource Guide for K-4. Paperback, 224 pages. (Grades K-4). Addison-Wesley. ISBN: 0-201-81521-4 (Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1 Jacob Way, Reading MA 08167, Phone 800-358-4566).
  • Boring, Mel and Linda Garrow (Illustrator). 1996. Caterpillars, Bugs, and Butterflies (Take-Along Guide). Northword Press, Inc. Minocqua, Wisconsin.. Hardcover, 48 pages. ISBN: 1559714794
  • Dashefsky, Steven. 1992. Insect Biology: 49 Science Fair Projects. Hardcover, 208 pages. (Grades 3-9). McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 0-8306-4031-2 (McGraw-Hill Direct Marketing, 860 Taylor Station Road, Blacklick, OH 43004, Phone 800-262-4729).
  • Dunn, Gary A. 1994. Organizing Bug Days and Insect Fairs. Paperback, 190 pages. (Grades K-12). The Young Entomologist's Society, ISBN: 1-884256-11-2 (The Young Entomologist's Society, 1915 Peggy Place, Lansing, MI 48910, Phone 517-887-0499).
  • Echols, Jean C. 1986. Hide A Butterfly. Paperback, 44 pages. (Grades PreK-1). Lawrence Hall of Science. (Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720, Phone 510-642-1016).
  • Elhert, Lois. 2001. Waiting for Wings. Harcourt Children's Books. ISBN: 0152026088
  • Embry, Lynn. 1988. Scientific Encounters of the Insect World. Paperback, 64 pages. (Grades 4-7). Good Apple, Inc., an imprint of Simon & Schuster Elementary. ISBN: 0-86653-424-5 (Good Apple, P.O. Box 1649, Columbus, OH 43216, Phone 800-321-3106).
  • Grafton, C.G. 1991. Butterfly Stickers in Full Color. Dover Publications, Inc., New York. ISBN 0-486-26700-8. (Dover Publications, 180 Varick Street, New York, New York 10014, Phone 800-223-3130)
  • Hapai, Marlene Nachbar and Leon H. Burton. 1989. Bug Play: Activities with Insects for Young Children. Paperback, 304 pages. (Grades K-4). Addison-Wesley. ISBN: 0-201-21540-3 (Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1 Jacob Way, Reading MA 08167, Phone 800-358-4566).
  • Kelley, Scot, Susan, Stephanie, and Stephen. 1999. Butterflies and Moths: coloring fun. The Kelley Family, Kansas City, Missouri. (
  • Opler, Paul A., illustrated by Susan Strann. 1993. Butterflies East and West a book to color (also activity book). Roberts Rinehart, Boulder, Colo. Paperback, 96 pages. ISBN 1-879373-45-9. (Phone 800-352-1985, E-mail
  • Trimble, Marcia. 1999. Malinda Mariposa meets Mariposa. Images Press, Los Altos Hills, Calif. ISBN 1-891577-57-3 (hrdbk), 1-891577-58-1 (paper).
  • Vansant, Rhonda and Barbara Dondiego. 1995. Moths, Butterflies, Other Insects, & Spiders: Science in Art, Song and Play. Paperback, 112 pages. (Grades Pre-K-3). McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 0-07-017907-7 (McGraw-Hill Direct Marketing, 860 Taylor Station Road, Blacklick, OH 43004, Phone 800-262-4729).
  • Wilsdon, C., P. Tan, and J. Aldana. 1999. The magical mobile incredible cut-out butterfly calender 2000. National Audubon Society and Artisan Press, New York, N.Y. (